Pratibha Poshan Yojna (Talent Nurture Scheme)

A project by Shiksha Sopan to identify and nurture talents in the students from Rural areas and with highly insufficient facilities

Bird's view of program
This program targets students entering class 9th in March from about 300 schools in rural areas adjoining Kanpur, having monthly school fee below Rs100. It conduct tests on these students to select a group of students which will be given textbooks, postal support etc for next four years ,that is, class 9, 10, 11 and 12. It conducts another level of tests to select 10 students which will be given intensive training in Studies, Sports, Health awareness, exposure to scientific and technological advancements. These students will be provided training during summers, uniform, textbooks etc for next 4 years.

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Sixth Annual Function 2007

Bal Divas 2006

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