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Experiments in Physics can not only be done in the physics laboratory with big, expensive, and sophisticated instruments, they can also be done outside it with very simple and easily available apparatus like scale, bottles, balances, wires, magnets etc. This is the main motto of the webpage.
Here, in the videos, we show some simple experiments for the Physics teachers and students. Such small experiments can make a Physics class come alive and many important concepts of physics can be understood by their in-depth analysis.
Using the experiment as a teaching tool, I have made an attempt to briefly explain the concepts involved in it, as one would do in a physics class. The teachers and students viewing them should try to do these experiments to get a first-hand experience. Most of the material used in the experiments can be easily procured from your home itself. You may then add to the experiment and explanation. These simple experiments have a great potential of enhancing our analytical powers.
The experiments have mostly been categorized according to the chapters taught in the class and put into various headings here for your ready reference.

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